Welcome to John Hodkinson Consultancy

John Hodkinson Consultancy stands for professional support in Organisational and Personal Resilience. We look after and support companies and individuals in preparing for, responding to and recovering from incidents that may lead to disruption in your normality, all the way from specific incident and/or site plans to complete, organisation wide projects. Our goal is to provide affordable, integrated, sustainable solutions every step of the way.

What Makes Us Different

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of emergency planning, crisis management and business continuity allows us to provide the high level of service that you deserve.


Additionally, we will work personally with you, heeding to your requirements in order to ensure that your needs are fully met and at an affordable cost. Our prices mean that we are well within the range of affordability for the smaller organisation, be it in the private, third or public sector.


We offer you a free initial consultation so contact us now to arrange an appointment or to discuss how we can help.

Our Mission Statement

To be an organisation that clients return to and recommend to others.


Our Value Statement


John Hodkinson Consultancy is committed to providing excellent service, frequently exceeding customer expectation by going the extra mile with our customer service.


Our services:


  • Risk based emergency planning, crisis management and business continuity support

  • Writing, validating, maintaining and exercising emergency and business continuity plans

  • Strategic, tactical and operational support for your response to incidents and emergencies

  • Delivery of training, presentations, awareness training events and briefings

  • Community resilience


  • Personal coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Relaxation
  • Stress Management




We work closely with associate consultants who can provide services in the following fields:

  • Environmental Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Security
  • Event Management

Contact us to discuss the possibility of joining our list of associates if you are interested in collaborative working.


Contact us

John Hodkinson Consultancy is proud to support the projects shown below.  Your support would be much appreciated.  Feel free to contact us for further information

Contact and appointments

Please contact us on one of  the following phone numbers with any questions or to make an appointment:


07503 894 100 

0151 521 3662 


Please also use our contact form.

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